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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just a quick pun intended

I know I need to do a huge recap of the past several months, and I promise that'll come soon. For now, though, it's been on my mind lately that tomorrow (or today, or the day after tomorrow, depending on your tradition) is not only Imbolc but also the first anniversary of my dedication and the start of my journey on this Path.

So this is just a little thing that caught my attention when I was doing some research on how to celebrate: Imbolc is sacred to the goddess Brighid, or Bride (that's bree-deh, not bryd, btw), who is, among other things, the patron deity of bards. My middle name is a family name, passed down through the years, with at least one child per generation being given it (right now I share the honor with my grandfather, uncle and little cousin, whom we call Birdie). The name we all share is "Baird," which, any good Scot can tell you, comes directly from those whose title it was, who roamed the country composing and performing poems and songs - that's right, bards.

That's all, just a little tidbit I found interesting. It gives me warm fuzzy shiveries inside :)