Sunday, February 1, 2009


Well. It's been quite a while...let's go about this in a somewhat formulaic manner.

Cleaned up my room, locked all my altar supplies and decorations in the desk I use for it and went off to Ohio for 3 weeks (which eventually dragged a bit longer than that because of flight cancellations, grr). I spent a week hopping around between families and the rest of the time at T's house, going through a lot of very emotional times. Things that had been secret (or at least had gone unsaid, even though we both had a good idea of what they were) came out in the open. As a result, I'm pretty optimistic about the eventual future, although I still get pretty worried from day to day about certain things, especially how T is holding up in what are pretty troubled times for him. If you want to know more specifics, give me a call or email and I'll tell you.

Came back to NC to find my room even cleaner than I left it and some certain important papers (bills, transcripts, a hefty uncashed paycheck) missing. It turned out that my mom had "put them away" somewhere, and she still doesn't remember where. I'm inheriting her memory so I can't blame her too much for forgetting, but the fact that my room is getting snooped on a regular basis (another bit of proof is that a book I was reading, "How to Be a Lesbian" (pretty funny, check it out! ;P) disappeared from my room when I was out for the day) has been somewhat grating. I've since "moved house" into my absentee sister's room, which needs a new doorknob, which I intend to buy myself and use the keys.

I also started a new exercise program, Crossfit, which I love love love can't say it enough love! It's very tough, and for the first week or so I could literally barely hobble. I mean, I had to use the handicapped stall in the bathroom because I couldn't rely on just my legs to lower me far enough. Happily, though, I've gotten over the initial stage and am now really seeing a huge difference in my body after less than a month - there's obvious muscle definition in my thighs and arms, and my coworker told me he could see that my stomach was flatter even despite the baggy work shirt. I also have a ton more energy - at the dull times at work, I'll do pushups against the counter or hop in place just to be moving - and I think I'm running faster, too! I'm definitely sticking with this one.

School started the day after I got back to Ohio. I'm taking four business/econ classes and one "college student success" class. After the first couple of classes, I was more than a little distraught - these classes are SO much easier than I'm used to, and I was caught between being relieved that I wouldn't have to work so hard and being insulted that quite that little was being required of me. Now, however, I've just decided to go above and beyond the basic requirements - I can still write well and wordily even if the only thing I have to discuss is my reactions to the word "accounting" used in conversation.

I've started speaking to W again, and it hasn't been that bad. Everythings slowly getting easier - I can hear "our" songs and see people in AF uniform again without bursting into tears...most of the time. It's an ongoing process.

It's super-late and I've got a lot of stuff to do tomorrow (planning my Imbolc thingy tomorrow evening) so I'm gonna call it a night. More tomorrow!